Journal of Hospital Infection to move to Article-Based Publishing

        Traditionally, academic articles have been published in journals on an issue-by-issue basis. While this ensured organised citation information, it created boundaries for the timing of each published article. Online publishing has changed all of that, making it possible to publish citable articles with volume, issue and page numbers as and when they're ready – before an entire issue of the journal is finished.
        Furthermore, readership styles and how information is gathered have changed quite considerably now that most people access articles online. Searching online for relevant articles is mostly done via search engines using key words, instead of browsing through a journals' table of contents listings.
        To reflect these changes, we are introducing article-based publishing for the JHI, making final and citable articles available online faster, and improving their discoverability. From now on articles will be published as soon as possible without waiting for an issue to be completed; they will appear online in an ‘Issue in Progress’.

        What is article-based publishing?

        Currently, articles must wait until we compile an issue to be assigned page numbers. With article-based publishing, articles will be given page numbers and appear in an ‘issue in progress’ as soon as copyediting and proofing are finalised. Each finished article follows the previous one, until the Issue in Progress is filled with fully-citable articles. Our volume and issue numbering system will remain the same – this is the industry standard, and it also provides context to when the article was published – acting as an indicator of the year.

        Changes to your printed edition of JHI

        Due to the switch to article-based publishing, you will see some differences to your print edition of JHI from the May edition onwards. Currently, the JHI editors curate the content into special sections before releasing each issue – for example, the COVID-19 and environmental cleanliness sections in this edition. While we can still do this occasionally, under an article-based publishing system, content will usually appear chronologically in your edition of the JHI and we will use the JHI website more to present Special Sections and other themed content.
        If you have any queries about the change to the way we are compiling the JHI, please write to [email protected] .
        David Spencer
        (Publisher, Elsevier)